I’m a Freelance Sound Engineer and Music Producer based in Ticino, Switzerland, 
specialized in Mix & Mastering Engineering and Electronic Music Production.
I performed my music in Brazil, India, Argentina, United Kingdom, Germany, Austria, Denmark, Italy, and Switzerland; releasing tracks and albums through records labels around the world.
I’m the owner of Optinervear Studio where I work on various kinds of music, using both digital and analog gear to give to my customers a contemporary HD sound without losing the typical color and warmth of the analog sound.
I love photography and I like to go in the nature to record sounds and to take pictures and videos of landscapes and animals.
Founder of the music label Labyrinthine Crew.

sound engineering:

  • mixing & mastering
  • recording
  • boom operator
  • pre & post-production
  • sound design
  • music production
  • live engineering

photography, graphics, video & web:

  • artworks
  • photos
  • video editing
  • live Streaming
  • web design & sites creator
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